A while ago, I was struggling to find out who I was and who I wanted to become. I loved cartoons and drawing though, and soon found the world of anime. I started to draw my own comics, which led to making my own ‘anime’ in the form of animations. I had found my path, and now I’m working hard to master Animation and get a job in the field of Animated Entertainment.

In the meantime, these are some of the pieces I’m most proud of – my portfolio, if you will. I’m still working hard to improve, though! Hope you all enjoy ^^

More info: flipanim.com

#1 – A Gift

#2 – Tonedeaf Princess

#3 – Sweet Dreams

#4 – At Peace, For Once

#5 – Puppy Fall

#6 – RUN

#7 – Plant Life

#8 – Magical Forest

#9 – Black Cat – Bad Luck or Beauty?

#10 – Attentive

#11 – Fun With Perspective

#12 – FNAF-style Jumpscare

#13 – Flower Vision

#14 – Blooming Beauty