These are some of my favorite mountain pics that I shot in my beautiful country Croatia. Many of them were shot while hiking the Via Adriatica Trail. The Via Adriatica Trail is the first Croatian long-distance trail, 1100 kilometers long. It starts from Cape Kamenjak in the northwest and takes you all the way to cape Oštro in the southeast. I wanted to share my visual experience of it. Hope it motivates you to explore more.

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The view from one of the most beautiful peaks in Velebit ridge

Not much livestock left

Panos is the summit on the north side of the Southern Velebit ridge

It offers a spectacular view of the Adriatic coast. The access to the Panos military house is not safe due to mines. Don’t walk off the road here, but do check it out—it’s amazing.

Via Adriatica Trail, the first Croatian long-distance trail

Premužićeva staza on Velebit, Croatia

“Whoever in the future comes to walk on this beautiful and comfortable trail will hardly be able to imagine all the hard work and effort the first pioneers had to endure while walking through this difficult terrain with no trail whatsoever…” – Dr. Ivan Krajač, Croatian mountaineer.

Vučjak is a cute peak in Croatia, situated on Velebit near Zavižan