Quite often I get questions from people how I make my mountain pictures. I feel strongly embarrassed then, because I know they expect to hear some fantastic, thrilling story. However the answer is odd. Mother of my photographs is my love for the beauty of the mountains, while the father is a fear of heights.

It’s ridiculous, as vegetarian butcher working in a slaughterhouse, or sailor terribly afraid of water. However, I can’t do anything with it. I tried couple of times challenging myself by walking on the mountain’s ridge but it’s always ended up with shaking legs and paralyzed body.

Most of my mountain landscapes were taken from quite safe places available to reach for everyone with no need of climbing skills. It’s nice to get proposals from professional alpinists to photograph ascent of e.g. Mont Blanc, with regret however, I always have to refuse. By fear of heights I miss lots of sceneries in my photographic journey, so any advice how to get rid of it would be appreciated. Here is selection of my mountain shots taken in different locations of Europe and South America.

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Alps, France

El Chalten, Andes, Argentina

Alps, Switzerland


Dolomites, Italy

Lofoten, Norway

Carpathian Mountains, Poland & Slovakia

Alps, Austria

Torres del Paine, Andes, Chile