It’s like this: Merilee Tutcik is a very talented mosaic artist in The Villages, who teaches others the art at Gilded Matilda’s, a slightly kooky art and gift store in Wildwood. Merilee, being slightly kooky (do they still use this word?) herself, singlehandedly decided that Demshar’s restaurant in Spanish Springs Town Square needed some mosaics to brighten up the exterior. Here’s the rest of what went down, in her own words:


A TRIBUTE TO ANTON GAUDI (a very well known Spanish mosaic artist who has mosaics all over Barcelona, Spain)

Mosaics by Merilee Tutcik and participating artists Patty Kuzbida and Mary Dworak Burke were presented Wednesday at Demshar’s in Spanish Springs.

“We were received with ooo’s and aaaaaa’s by shoppers in the square. Patty Kuzbida has some of her work as part of the permanent Collection of The American Museum of Visionary Artists in Baltimore, Maryland. (Not just another pretty face)

Mary Dworak Burke is a recent student to mosaics and has been doing a “Bang Up” good job.

As I did not ask for permission from The Villages, we were contacted by a representative maintenance person and asked to remove them.

ALL IN ALL IT WAS A SUCCESS! We are invited by Demshar’s to show our work IN the restaurant!

Thank you everyone that supported me in this endeavor. Thank you to GILDED MATILDA’S for your donation of broken Talavera.”

Palm in The Starry Night by M. Tutcik

Miss Liberty by M. Tutcik

The Palm that Stands by the Sea. by M. Tutcik

Miss America by M. Tutcik

Carmen by M. Tutcik

Part of my Flash Mob temporary ART INSTALLATION in front of Demshar’s Restaurant in The Spanish Springs Town Square, The Villages, FL. May 10, 2017

The Palm that Stands by the Sea, by M. TutcikWio

WIP BY M. Tutcik

Waiting to name her. By M. Tutcik

Merilee’S Heart, by M. Tutcik

Miss Penelope by M. Tutcik an homage to Picasso