I don’t remember when my passion for the Moon has started. Maybe, when I was a young lad. Moon has a magic effect on people, I presume.

My first UFO sight was at night, January 1980, with a bright full moon rising behind the Ugly Island from Peña Beach, Brazil, and it has definitely changed my perspective of the Universe and World.

Over the centuries, mankind has developed a kind of mystic passion for what is above, in the sky. I believe there’s some truth behind it. There’s magic in the air. In a full moon night, we can see unexplained things. Maybe you can see them too. Namaste!

I tried to pick some of my nicest photos from many years and combine them together to show how our Moon can change its aspects and axis position.

Full Moon Eclipse, 2019-07-16

Gigantic Blue moon

There are some periods when we get closer, and the results for photographers are absolutely fantastic.

Bloody Full Moon, 2019-01-21

An amazing Moon. Special for me. It was unbelievable.

Golden Super Moon

Moon and Venus alignment

It took 1.5 h until they aligned together like a diamond at the end of a smile.

That was a lucky shot – a UFO appeared for a brief moment