There is an amazing place in Poland. It’s Rogalin Landscape Park where monumental and even unreal, very old and famous oaks are growing.

I went there for one of my latest photography trip. When I left Warsaw at 2AM the weather was very bad. It was raining but there was a chance for an improvement. After driving 330 km I arrived to the destination. Luckily the rain stopped raining and the sunrise started.

I went to the meadow where all the oaks are located and I saw amazing scenery. Thick fog and unreal shapes of oaks hidden in it. An hour after hour fog was disappearing showing more and more of the amazing trees shaped by their age, nature and the history.

I took some pictures and also made a short clip with my cameras and my drone. You need to see it, as this is so unique and amazing. Here are the pictures and the video. WATCH IT!