It took about 750 hours to realize my latest project ‘Metropolis’ First Son’ – a modernized adaption of my favorite Wilde Fairytale ‘The Happy Prince’.

Working out the concept I decided to combine my version of Wildes famous story with another timeless classic: The cult film ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang. A visual mixture seemed to offer itself in terms of content, as both pieces are based on the same basic themes: The two-class society, the segregation between the wealthy elite and the poor working class and finally the sheltered son of a rich house, who step by step becomes aware of these societal ills.

While Fritz Lang’s fictional city is based on New York City in the 1930s, my adaption of Metropolis shows the traits of my adopted hometown Vienna. Skyscrapers, Viennese secessionism and Wild’s central motives mix with details of the Danube Canal, Otto Wagner and 9th district. It is my personal ‘Metropolis’, where – just as in the original sources- the line between light and darkness is drawn right through the cityscape.

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‘Metropolis’ First Son’