Modern Cityscapes is a result of my newly born passion for lines, forms and shapes in photography.

Everything started with a project FRGMNTS which was my first journey through the world of the elements. Step by step I developed an individual and unique view of the world which was based on a vital importance of the details. I started looking at my surroundings as they were a boundless puzzle full of intersecting lines, forms and shapes, but still remaining very minimal and aesthetic.

I decided to create a project which would not only represent my own perspective of our environment, but would also let a viewer improvise in their mind with the objects captured in the photographs. I chose modern architecture as the key object of my project for it has all the details I’m interested in: lines, forms, shapes, texture, colors and space.

I want everybody to look at the objects as they were dematerialized elements where lines meet forms and create the shapes. Where shapes meet textures and create the spaces. Where every element of the solid can be separated but still remain inherent.

More info: Behance