For most of history, men in relationships have served solely as breadwinners, providers and protectors. Thankfully, in today’s age of modernity, boyfriends have so many more uses and purposes which make them truly great to have around the house, and we’d highly recommend investing in a recent model.

New York-based cartoonist Dami Lee and Oakland-based writer Brandon Sheffield have teamed up to present 6 tasks any modern boyfriend should be able to complete in the form of an adorable and hilarious comic. It’s part of their collaborative series known as Hot Comics For Cool People, a witty animated commentary on the intrinsic humor of everyday life and relationships. And yes, before you ask, this includes tips for the modern girlfriend as well.

Scroll down to observe the modern boyfriend in his natural habitat, and let us know if you think any additional tasks should be added to the list.

More info: Hot Comics For Cool People, Twitter (Dami Lee | Brandon Sheffield), Instagram