We’ve all thought it – “Tonight’s going to be an epic night, so I’m getting wasted!” But, we also all know that tipping point. You know… that moment when “Awesome night out”, turns into “Oh sheeeet! That was one too many.” Well, according to this new video, it’s at that moment that the ‘Department of Lost Nights’ step in.

They’re glitchy, overall-wearing removal men from another dimension (resembling what can only be described as dated-accountancy-firm-chic, meets pink-hazy-brain-world), who step into your head, work order in hand, to repossess your memories. One by one, the best parts of your night are wheeled away on hand trolleys.

The video tells the story of Mark, who sets out to get messed up on a night out with his mates. The Department of Lost Nights step into his head to set about their work, while Mark steps out. It’s part of an ad campaign that uses FOMO to promote the benefits of sensible drinking. Who’s that goatman? And what’s with the mannequin?

More info: thelostnight.com