This gadget hasn’t hit the shelves yet but it’s already getting great reviews. Philip Frenzel, a student at Aalen University in Germany, designed ADCASE, a genius phone case that deploys an airbag as soon as you drop your device. The invention has already won Frenzel the top award from the German Society for Mechatronics, which considered projects from students all over the country.

“Three years ago, Philip dropped his brand new iPhone,” Peter, a spokesperson for ADCASE told Bored Panda. “The screen cracked thousand times. After that he bought a bunch of conventional phone cases to protect his new phone. But the protection didn’t satisfy him at all.”

At first, Frenzel created an activation mechanism with sensors that detect when the phone is in free fall. But what does it activate? He initially thought of designing an actual airbag on the phone, that and a foam-based alternative, however these designs didn’t prove to be practical. Eventually, instead of something soft, Frenzel settled on something firm. Springs.

In total, it Philip and his team took about two and a half years to create the device. They plan to make it compatible with the newest iPhones, starting from the iPhone 6. To fund the project, they are preparing a Kickstarter campaign that should begin in July.

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Here’s what most of our phones end up looking like after we drop them

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He 3d-printed its parts


After carefully planning every little detail

When a phone is dropped, the device acts as an airbag, allowing it to safely reach the ground

Here’s how it looks once deployed

The case attaches to the back of the phone without compromising its aesthetic

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