I am an advertising photographer specialized in high-end still life photography. I was asked by Olga Bastian, creative director at Liquidminds, to help them show various products for Eva Solo in a clean and minimalist way. The idea was to show a product and ingredients together, illustrating a certain dish ideally made in that specific product. The images both function as a presentation of a product and as inspiration to various recipes. To keep everything clean and tight, we lined product and ingredients up in a square seen from top view, and to make the five images stand out from each other, we varied the background colors.

I believe that I was chosen for this project as minimalism describes my general style very well. When I do a shoot of a product, it is always with an emphasis on presenting the product as nicely as possible. The product has to stand out. My approach to work is trying to create images of minimalism and serenity, combining it with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feeling. I let the formal shape and qualities of an object set the creative direction, and with high technical standards I strive to create beautiful images.

More info: hvilshoj.com