The art of miniature is always impressive as it takes so much effort to create something so tiny! Most of the times it’s just amazing and inspiring but when I see doll food made with such accuracy… It makes my heart stop.

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Irina Lepkina is an artist from Moscow, Russia. She mastered the skill of transforming pieces of polymer clay into yummy fruit, vegetables and cakes of all kinds. The scale is 1:12 and each little thing is completely made by hand from modeling to handpainting. The craftswoman tries to get as realistic result as possible and I believe she manages it quite well :)

Irina’s works are parts of private collections all over the world. Also artists and customers use miniatures as parts of creative doll houses and brain games for kids. Irina often participates in different trade shows and exhibitions: once her works were displayed at the big fair next to the Moscow City Government. Also the artist likes taking part in puppet shows for children.

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