I have been experimenting and discovering what else I can do for art. I love to make miniatures to display on my mini gardens. It was very difficult to find miniature displays that would go with succulents and cacti. I was desperate. I searched mostly online (too expensive because you have to pay for shipping) and in stores (a single miniature is almost $10 CAD) and, sad to say, I gave up.

But then, 10 years ago (yes, that long), I saw a fascinating form of art – molding & sculpting with polymer clay (I mostly use Fimo). It took me 3 months to practice a single miniature just using a regular clay (Crayola brand for kids). After that, I tried my luck with the polymer. It is challenging, especially if you are self-taught, and learn from tutorials on Youtube and plain text instructions online. 

After a year sculpting, a colleague was fascinated with a nameplate I made for myself and she ordered a nameplate and a frame display from me. Through word of mouth, I was busy making more of them. Orders of nameplates, keychains, and frame displays came charging in.

I saw someone making these amazing turtles with succulents on it (all handmade of polymer), tried making them, and voila! So small, yet so cute!

I will also post more of my other works. I love to draw too, but I am pretty sure, there are way more talented beings out there. Salute to you all!