Meet my cat June. A Maine Coon/Siberian kitty with big blue eyes, beautiful facial markings and her own social media life!

I love to take photos and I love cats. So why not combine them? When we could take June home, I already had an Instagram account made for her. And making that account for her was the way I could make tons of photos without spamming my family and friends on my personal account. Something I think a lot of people with cat (or any animal) accounts can relate to.

June soon showed she was born to be a meowdel! She poses purrfectly in every photo. And even if she can be sassy and show a grumpy face every now and then, we always get a great photo. June even has her own website with a blog. That way I can let people know what is happening with June even more!

More info: Instagram

She can stare into your soul with her blue eyes

She knows which spots are great for a photo

She can make any season look good

She loves getting home-made tuna ice cream

We make it out of canned tuna or salmon.

She guards her garden like a lioness

She has outspoken facial markings

She makes herself look pretty for every photo

She loves to roar to her followers

When it’s play time, her blue eyes turn black

June is ready for a photo at any time!

But every model has their embarrassing moments…