Some fabrics are distinctive and unique, created by skilled craftspeople in certain parts of the world. If you’ve visited Indonesia you’ve probably come across Batik, maybe you’ve seen Scottish tartan or Navajo weaving whilst traveling the globe. The processes and history around these textiles are quite incredible. Cultures have passed down their secrets for generations and these fabrics signify the place they come from unmistakably.

That’s exactly why we wanted to see what these places would look like if they were made from the fabrics they’re famous for. We’ve combined striking landscapes with a textile overlay and we love the way we can feel the culture oozing out of every corner. Take a trip around our material world for a snapshot into a place and its people.

More info:

Central Asia: Suzani

Chile: Mapuche

Indonesia: Batik

Kenya: Kitenge

North America: Navajo

Scotland: Tartan