The Dolomites are the backdrop and natural setting that inspired and nourished this artistic project.

VIPERS, the mysterious creatures that inhabit these places, are a presence known to man, who has established a difficult coexistence with them, often dominated by ancestral impulses of fear and admiration.

Mario Padovani has succeeded in his intent to arouse the same dualistic and contrasting feeling through his sculpture in wrought iron.

The brute and inert material is skilfully forged and modelled by the physicality of the work processes, guided by the energy lent by its creator: noise, flames, sparks and steam accompany the process, almost intimidating us to keep away for the sake of our safety.

In contrast with these intrusive and dominating forces, the delicacy of the artist’s etching has been specially designed to decorate each unique piece.

This is the most silent and introverted phase, which guides us almost to a dimension of fascination and admiration: the previous distances dissolve in favour of close contemplation.

The artistic result of VIPERA leads us to experiencing an inner process of interaction with the artefact once it is displayed. The desire to share the experience makes the artwork take on different interpretations, stimulating a spectrum of meanings that each elaborates in their own personal way.

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Wrought iron sculpture with etching

Mario Padovani – Vipersmith

Mario Padovani – VIPERSMITH from meddle on Vimeo.