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I Created These Amazing Sci-Fi Space Vistas By Photographing Marbles On My Coffee Table
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I Created These Amazing Sci-Fi Space Vistas By Photographing Marbles On My Coffee Table

Photographers are always trying to push the limits of what is possible with macro photography. Creating fantastical landscapes and seemingly giant structures using tiny objects is a huge challenge. However, it’s very satisfying when you can get close enough to get a new perspective on common objects.

When I set out to photograph glass marbles, I had no idea of the creative opportunities that lay ahead. As soon as I placed the transparent, textured marble (that represents the star) onto the orange LED Lighting Arm of our lighting system, I was amazed at how close it looked to a real star close up.

Using as little photoshop as possible, I set about creating the space views you see below, including using blue light to create different kinds of stars, and even a binary star system.

Some of the more complex photo ideas required compositing to get the scales more accurate (still REALLY unrealistic though), but I was thrilled with how these space photos turned out. Creating these amazing Sci-fi space vistas from the comfort of your coffee table is certainly a lot of fun, and very addictive. I’ll be getting new marbles to shoot, and trying new ideas very soon.

To find out exactly how these cool photos were made, watch the behind-the-scenes tutorial video below!

More info: adaptalux.com | youtube.com | Instagram

Dying Planet

This textured marble planet was two shots in the same frame, one to focus on the planet, and one to focus on the sun, blended together in Photoshop.

Marble planets orbiting a blue giant Star

Dying Star

Binary System

Two Stars trapped within each other’s orbit, could this be what Alpha Centauri’s two stars look like?

This shot was only a single exposure with no photoshop needed!


Could this be a very hot Mars, after our Sun reaches the end of its life and expands to become a red giant?

Image credits: Adaptalux

I have a lot of interesting ideas to try in future videos, including nebulas, asteroids, and even spaceships. Subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to see more!


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