According to a new health report released in March, more than 350.000 Danes often feel lonely – almost 16% of Denmark’s entire population and an increase of nearly 50% over the last few years, which is very concerning (previously here).

So I decided to do something – March Against Loneliness.

Day 1-3

From April 12th to April 26th I walked more than 300 km from Copenhagen to Aarhus, for the second year in a row, to raise awareness about the increasing loneliness among our kids and young adults.

The concept was; that under no circumstances was I allowed to walk, unless accompanied by another person. Through this concept I wanted to emphasize the importance of human interaction, social responsibility and community.

And Luckily for me, more than 350 people chose to support my cause – an increase of 400%, from last year’s March Against Loneliness.

Day 4-6

On my journey across Denmark, I met a lot of different people, from all social layers of society; The Mayor of Roedovre, a contestant in this year’s season of Alone in the Wilderness (a Danish program), the found and CEO of one of Denmark’s largest associations, a 20 year old man who recently completed the Camino, The 2012 winner of the Danish X Factor, a 85 year old man with 16 siblings, a Swiss guy who is walking through Europe and many more.

Day 7-9

Together we helped to raise a lot of awareness on the subject – almost all Danish media outlets has covered this year’s March Against Loneliness! I couldn’t be anymore proud of what we have achieved as a community!

Day 10-12

I hope this, and all my other stories, can help and inspire. Thank you for reading.

Day 13-15

P.S. If you are feeling lonely, please reach out and ask for help. I too know the true horrors of loneliness – I nearly took my own life back in 2016, because of it among other things. In 2016 I decided to reach out and ask for help, and it changed my life.