Working with your spouse can put a serious strain on the relationship. From taking the workplace conflict home to navigating between unclearly defined roles, there are too many things that prove how working with your SO may not always be the best idea. And how could it not be, when a spouse’s personality directly influences our career success, as shown by this study.

And this story shows a glimpse into how spouse dynamics can go awry when an incident happens at work. A 41-year-old male has recently shared a post on r/AITA asking if he was wrong to tell his wife she’s not the boss of his company where they both work.

The conflict began when “one of my workers accidentally ordered 20 of one part instead of 2,” and when the author’s wife found out, she “absolutely BERATED this poor guy.” The author heard his wife yelling at him, and stepped in to take the matter into his own hands.

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A man shared a story of how he told his colleague wife she’s not the boss after she yelled at their worker for screwing up

Image credits: Yan Krukov (not the actual photo)

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