When the Fukushima nuclear disaster struck Japan, residents within 18 miles of the plant were urged to evacuate. Five years have passed since then and the established exclusion zone is still closed to outsiders.

However, human desire to explore the unknown sometimes wins over set rules and regulations. Keow Wee Loong, a 27 -year-old Malaysian photographer, chose to ignore long government procedures and illegally snuck into Fukushima’s exclusion zone, bypassing police patrols and barricades. “It feels like a real-life version of Fallout” – Keow Wee told Bored Panda. Equipped with only a gas mask, the daredevil didn’t fear to expose his bare skin to heightened levels of radiation in order to snap some never-before-seen photos of towns, untouched since 2011.

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Fukushima, unlike Chernobyl, has not been looted yet

Abandoned supermarkets got raided by animals that were left behind

Pornographic magazines, issued March, 2011

The book store


Mouthwash from 2011. Still sealed

Video rental shop has a 2011 movie poster outside, half of the inside is filled with hentai videos


People left so quickly, they forgot their laundry. A lot of yen coins scattered all around

Time stopped in towns Okuma, Namie, Futaba, Tamioka


Another huge supermarket in Namie with many items still in place

More magazines from the same date

A box of unopened PS2 in an abandoned home

An abandoned pub in Namie

A lot of limited edition collections can be found in the CD shop


Abandoned train station of Namie

One of the barricades in Okuma town