For the past three years, I’ve been making organic and eco-friendly plush toys to sell on Etsy. I love making plump and quirky characters! Now, I’m sharing how I make some of my fluffy friends so you can too!

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Doodles the Deer

Despite being a little tubby, Doodles the Deer needs cozy accessories to stay warm during the winter. Doodles can be made with new fabric or, for an eco-friendly deer, upcycled clothing or eco-friendly felt or fleece.


To make Doodles the Deer, you’ll need:

◦Either 1/2-yard plush felt, upcycled fabric, or fleece for deer body (my deer are made with Kunin eco-fi plush felt and organic cotton fleece)
◦1/3-yard upcycled stretch or woven fabric for scarf (at least 10-in x 39.5-in)
◦1 sheet of black felt or black embroidery floss for nose and eyes (I used Kunin eco-fi felt)
◦1 sheet of off-white felt or fabric scraps for antlers and insides of ears
◦Stuffing (I used recycled polyester stuffing)
◦Matching all-purpose thread (I used Gutermann recycled polyester thread)
◦Marking tool (water-soluble pen, Sharpie, etc.)
◦Pins and a needle
◦Hemostat clamps

Make Your Own!

The free sewing pattern for Doodles can be found in the provided link. Start transforming your worn out clothes in to cuddly friends now!

Eco-Friendly Deer Plush Tutorial