With just some patience and the Stop Motion Studio iPhone app by Cateater studio, Minneapolis-based photojournalist and blogger Ben Garvin created this geeky and funny video, titled “Magic Beard”. In just 2 minutes, he makes various objects disappear or travel around his facial hair, which also change their shape, size, and otherwise amuse the viewers. Sadly, looks like it comes to a tragic end – and yet, we’re still laughing!

“I built this stop motion video over time, lots of time. I originally thought I’d sit down and shave my beard and make a video but, as I quickly realized, stop motion videos can’t be made quickly. And I had more and more ideas as to how to make it fun, which made it take even longer. Shot mostly in my dining room, I set up my iPhone 5 on a little tripod and took a photo every 5 to 10 seconds,” says Ben.

Source: youtube.com