It is uncertain how many Madrasa (Arabic schools) there are in this country but there are many scattered at different locations. Some of the children in these schools are sent by parents, others are orphans. It is disheartening but true that Bangladeshi Arabic schools are very far behind modern education. The children as well as teachers have very little knowledge about modern digital technologies. Some madrasa has good quality education but most are poor. Most children in Madrasa are beaten as part of punishment and do not have access to television.

Most orphans in Madrasa are often abused; often times beaten or bullied to complete chores such as helping out teachers, washing their clothes, etc. One of The reasons behind this is that the teachers themselves were once Madrasa students and many have misconceptions about the Islam religion. However, among the bad there are many good Madrasa that teach children with love and care.

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