I wanted some external speakers for my phone but when I checked the price, I came to know that I can’t afford them.

Therefore, I decided to make the speaker at home and it saved me 15,000 rupees ($245).

It is not actually a speaker but it amplifies the sound perfectly.

The main source

I took a foil wrap pack from my kitchen.

The roller soundbar

Took this roller (made of cardboard) out of the foil pack.

The cutting

I cut some part so that my phone can fit in it .


I decided to brand my sound bar “Beats”, so set up a preset to print.

The cover

Printed the Beats pill.

Ready body

Pasted it on my sound bar, and after that some coloring and finishing touches.

And the final product.

Nice amplified sound and it looks somewhat real.

My brother also wanted to try it out

You can also put other phones too, to get loud music.