I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and illustrate a series with a backstory. So I came up with the idea of doing fan artworks of members of Looney Tunes and place them in a fictional rock band.

The members are Bugs, Daffy, Foghorn, Marvin and Taz. Each of them has a little back story which I invite you to read below!

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“Bugs was never the most shy rabbit in the world, but for some reason he was always really nervous before a gig and getting on stage to play in front of huge crowds. But as soon as he did that, he transformed into a goddamn rockstar. His voice, as the saying goes, is like a voice of an angel. He and his mother believe this comes from eating all those carrots, but everyone except them knows this is a load of crap. He was born to do this. Even the critics acknowledge his brilliance. He has won tons of awards for best frontman, best male singer and best live act with his band: LOONEY MELODIES.”


“The rebel of the band, the one who hates all this fame that comes with their music. Daffy never really got used to being recognised all over the globe and constant presence of all the “fangirl freaks” as he would call them. He enjoyed the first years of their career a lot more when they were only playing in small clubs and were more of an underground band. He had a lot of serious addiction problems because of this, and had to quit music for almost 1,5 years. After rehab he re-joined Looney Melodies and has been ripping the axe ever since. He still hates the whole thing though.”


“This charming fellow is the bands bass player and boy oh boy a great one of that. Famous for his incredibly fast slapping style he’s considered one of the best. When he is not aiming for speed he can also play relaxing melodies as well as really technical solos. Foghorn is a chick magnet and his dressing room is always busy after a show. The rest of the band say it resembles a chicken farm some nights. He is one hell of a rooster.”


“When a band has finished their setlist, the party is usually over. But this is not the case with Looney Melodies. There’s got to be an after party and Marvin is responsible for giving some mad electronic sounds to the crowd. Despite being in the same group, he always felt like an outsider and never really connected to anyone. This unfortunately applies to his personal life as well. He’s the type of guy who goes out at night to the balcony and shouts “Who am I?!” to the stars and then drinks himself to sleep. As a DJ he became widely popular for beating up his MC on stage because “He just couldn’t shut up when the beat kicked in.”


“What do people usually think when they see Taz? “Geez, who’s that crazy, hyperactive cokehead?” Yeah, mostly that was everyone’s reaction when they first met him. But the truth is that this all-time spitting and spinning lunatic is the smartest one in the band. He has 2 master’s degree, used to be a professional basketball player, athlete and actor. After all these “minor” accomplishments he wanted to conquer the music world as well. It took around 3 months for Bugs to stumble upon this so-called prodigy and ask him to play for Looney Melodies. And rest is history…”