Nobody wants to give their best friend a flimsy plastic birthday hat… especially not a leatherworker! I was standing in the pet store looking at plastic dog birthday hats and realized I could make my own!

Every day since Eevee’s birthday I have made her a new leather hat. Some are stand-alone designs and others are theme based – Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts, Pokemon. Stay tuned for Kawaii Snack Week and Disney Princess/Villains week.

Here are some of my favorites:

More info:

The Birthday Girl Crown – The Start of it All!

Alice “I’m Late” Bow

Steampunk Corset Hat

Steampunk Goggles Hat

Be My Valentine Top Hat

White Rabbit Corset Hat

Queen of Hearts Crown

Alice Teacup Top Hat

Steampunk Timetraveller Hat

Cheshire Cat in the Hat

Unicorn Crown

Queen of Hearts Crown

Mad as a Hatter Hat

Steampunk Corset Hat Stitching Detail

The answer to “How do they stay on?”: