Many photographers like to experiment with long exposure photography techniques, but an Australian Lincoln Harrison gives a new definition to the word “long”. A 37-year-old Victorian showcases a portfolio of mesmerizing long exposure star trail photography, with some of his starry sky photoshoots taking up to 15 hours. The stunning pictures are made at his personal favorite spot filled with beautiful views over Lake Eppalock, in the Australian outback.

The star swirls are the result of the rotation of the Earth and make you think you’re witnessing the stars traveling across the sky. “With no buildings for miles the sky is so clear and it’s amazing to be able to capture the beauty of the starry night’s sky on camera,” says Lincoln.

Curiously enough, Lincoln only bought his first decent camera – a Nikon D3100 – a couple of years ago, simply willing to take some pictures of the stuff he wanted to sell on eBay. However, that turned out a bit differently:

“I wasn’t planning on getting into photography as a hobby but a week later I had about eight lenses and all the other goodies, I couldn’t wait to get started with creative photography. I’ve been shooting at least two or three times a week ever since, mainly landscapes, and star trails when the conditions are right.” The night sky has never looked so magical as in these incredible pictures!