Artist Vilija Vitkute creates astonishing bodypainting in the end of the world – Lofoten islands.

Vilija is young, multi-talented artist from Lithuania/Sweden that does bodypainting, film-directing, performance art, photography which is about nature and human relationship. She is a professional artist that travels to most inspiring nature places in a world and creates art, performance, and films.

In 2016 Vilija fall in love with Norway- Lofoten nature where she created series with bodypainting and North lights in winter. This 2017 summer she created series of human bodies melting in Lofoten landscapes – camouflage body painting. Its extreme project because of Lofoten dramatic weather conditions, changing harsh weather. She has to find brave models and crew to make such a projects happen and paint very fast and focused before model and artist start to freeze.

Vilija’s passion, love for nature and art creates amazing result´s that are inspiring and makes us fall in love with nature even more and care about it.

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