We all want a world of our own. Whether it’s a place of positivity or somewhere inspired by our favourite stories. Somewhere special to us.

Well that’s what I do! I make worlds and scenes from paper and keep them safe inside little tins where they can watch over us, or travel the world with us.

Each one is carefully drawn and inked. Brought to life with watercolour. Hand cut from the paper and secured inside it’s little home. Safe forever.

Some are designed around fantasy, or quotes. Others are designed just for a single person. Unique entirely to them. The perfect place.

If you have an idea for your own world please get in touch!

More info: Etsy | Instagram

Intentions – a paper diorama

Always – a paper diorama

Lost in Wonderland – a paper diorama

A peek into Narnia

Stormy Seas – a paper diorama

Looking Up – a paper diorama