Lithuanian artist Rūta Dumalakaitė just released a set of original throw pillow covers digitally printed with her artwork. Every piece holds an inside story from modern life. Hidden dreams & words, feelings left behind, the power of imagination, surreal reality, the magic of nature, and things that we forget or fail to notice. Enjoy!

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Bird of Cranes

Once it was only energy of creation & growth,
only breathing & living,
being right here & now.

Once it was only Harmony between living on & in the Earth,
with Fires, deepest Waters & Air
from the Highest peaks of Himalayas
until deepest waters down the Seas.

I was a flying Crane over the deserts
over the mountains and floating rivers.
I was dancing in currents of air & sunbeams.
My heart was my Sun.

Council of Animals

Discussion about the remaining lack of land to live for animals. Participants: Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Andean Condor, Asian Elephant. Discussion takes place on Cyprus island map.

First snow in the Forest

I miss my forest where I was born. Full of life and magic all the way around. Don’t be afraid, the only one who can hurt you there is you. Snow is dancing in the night, silence is coming. Sleep until you wake up next spring.


I felt The Snail moving
over my body,
over my hands,
over my fingers.

Slowly slowly with everything
spreading around me,
seconds by seconds
Of growth.

Love Sleep

Be in love always and forever. Love makes us happy, smiling, shining people☺

Dream of Flying

During our childhood, we had so many dreams, but when we grow up, part of that beauty is lost. I want to remind people that we always need dreams to lift us up from everyday life.


The Best Mother

Eskimo Kiss

For every Dream of Yours

For every Dream of Yours I will bring a star.

I love You

Is it means I never hurt YOU?
Do I want YOU to be happy?
Do I ask to love me?
Will I always respect YOU?
Do I want to be Loved?
Should YOU understand me?
Is it means I never ever leave YOU?
Do I want to share every second of my life with YOU?

Magic Mushrooms

Royal Princess

Friends Forever

Even we live in a zoo, even if rain or snow comes down, I will be your friend forever.

Presents From Forest

I picked wild strawberries for you.
Take this present from me & Forest!

Space Cats

School Bus

Sometimes creativity can save time for kids who need to go to school.

Inner World

It is all about your inside thoughts, your magic place, where your thoughts are like a garden full of light. This time I was thinking about nature and all creatures big and small, animals and birds, trees and mountains. Imagination is the engine that makes me move.