No one was hurt while making these photos, I mean, a few bumps and bruises but who’s counting. When I first started shooting photos I had no idea how to use photoshop and I had a passion for levitation photography and other forms of anti-gravity trickery. My friends were always willing to practically fall down or balance themselves in dangerous positions. That was helpful for me to discover how to accomplish concepts that I had been wanting to do.

The practicality of having my subjects physically there in the frame allows for authentic reactions and properly matched lighting, plus jumping onto mats is mad fun. A stunt mat and a ladder are the two most commonly used tools in my kit, I don’t leave the house without them. My process in a post is simply addition and subtraction, have someone sit on a ladder, delete the ladder and bada bing bada boom you got yourself a levitating subject.

I love exploring this medium and am highly looking forward to what’s about to come. Don’t stop imagining.

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