During the gloomy winters we all need something to color and light up our lives. The Japanese devoted a whole botanical garden for that purpose, and transformed it into a 7 million LED light winter illumination. Located on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana, the installations in the Nabana no Sato garden were opened just this week.

Visitors enter the garden through a majestic tunnel of lights and go on to enjoy the installations, set up according to the Great Nature theme of this year. The little LEDs compose such great sights as a sunrise at Mt. Fuji or the gorgeous auroras borealis, but once you look closer, you see that every light is placed into tiny botanically inspired bulbs.

The illumination is already named “the best light show in the country”, and will be welcoming visitors till the end of March. Then you can go to the Tunnel Of Love in Ukraine which will be blooming in all its glory at that time of the year.

Website: nagashima-onsen.co.jp