Original Caption: “Jeanne Septvents is a beautiful French girl, 10 year old, whose father, for nearly a year a prisoner in Germany, has given his life for France. Jeanne has been adopted by Company ‘E,’ of 20th Engineers. When the Red Cross photographer found her in the garden of her little stone house at Cean, she was playing with knuckle -bones painted red, white and blue in honor of her godfather. She wrote them soon after she was adopted saying ‘I hope you’re all in good health and not too unhappy at the front and I sent big kisses to you all’ Sept 1918.” This is the story that inspired me to write this post….

#1. Jeanne Septvents, whose father was imprisoned in Germany.

#2. Group of refugee children who’ve been received by a French organization, aided by Red Cross.

#3. An overview of war-damaged, Lens, France, on 11, April, 1919.

#4. Rene drove cattle for Germans for over two years. he still walks in his sleep and dreams he is being shot.

#5. Parcels bound for the Front Line, at Red Cross facility in Paris.

#6. American troops march through Place de jena and dow Avenue du President Wilson in Paris.

#7. A crowd gathers in Paris to see the Amarican troops march to celebrate Amarican Independence day.

#8. Not merely a fair-weather friend, this cute little refugee clings to he dog through thick and thin.

#9. Chauffeurs of the American Fund for French Wounded.

#10. Cars of Red Cross Transportation Department.

#11. This French lady, forced by the Germans to leave her home, was able to save only a suitcase full of clothes and her two pet roosters

#12. This little refugee stands manfully on the job of taking care of family baggage until his parents come back, Paris, 1919.

#13. A visitor from the Red Cross Bureau of Refugees inquiries into the needs of children in the tenements, in which refugees were housed.

#14. Refugees from Lorraine sing Marseilles as they cross the down bridge of old Chateau of Caen.

#15. Roger Long in only 14 year old but even so, he wanted to fight for France.

#16. Meal time at La Jonchere, one of the colonies established by Red Cross.

#17. Little Gilberte Dieu and her mother left their home to go see her soldier father who was in a hospital, badly gassed.

#18. A boy puts new shoes, so far.

#19. A couple, living iin celler of their former completely ruined home.

#20. The Eiffel Tower and a replica of the Statue of Liberty.