I am a stitcher. And I prepare hand-made gifts for my friends every year. Yes, it usually takes a lot of time. I must stitch and finish my work. And I've decided to make my own quick and easy primitive cross-stitch patterns specially for Christmas and New Year gifts. In this post I'll show you 10 ways of finishing your cross-stitch pieces. Enjoy!

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#1 Wooden Ornament

Wooden Ornament

Use wooden tile and glue gun to make a decoration.

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#2 Hoop Art

Hoop Art

Hoop art is also quick and easy way. Add a touch of tender with bow. I've used the smallest hoop (D=7 cm).

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#3 Patch It!

Patch It!

Yes, patches is a good way too. You can sew patch not only on socks but on shirt, coat, mittens, bags etc.

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#4 Funny Buttons

Funny Buttons

Use self-cover buttons.

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#5 Easy Brooch

Easy Brooch

Make a quick brooch! Use vlieseline, add fabric on back side and sew a brooch pin.

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#6 Keychain


Keychain is a good idea!

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#7 Candle Decoration

Candle Decoration

Do you love hygge? Add to your home a touch of cozy. You can sew decoration for candles.

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#8 Pocketbook Case

Pocketbook Case

This idea will take more time for stitching. Stitch lopapeysa sweater and sew a pocketbook case =) Perfect gift for all bookworms.

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#9 Door Hanger

Door Hanger

Another idea with wooden tile. You can stitch seasonal greetings and make a door hanger.

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#10 Small Pillows

Small Pillows

Of course, you can sew small pillows or christmas tree decorations.

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#11 Wish You Merry And Bright Christmas!

Wish You Merry And Bright Christmas!

With best regards, Punochka.

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