Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska has used modern technology to update a traditional household tool in a fun way by using a laser engraver to engrave fun stamp designs onto rolling pins that can then create stamped sheets of cookie dough.

The rollings pins feature a collection of small, repeating prints, most of which involve geometric patterns or animals. However, she also offers custom-made engrave pins with the customer’s design engraved onto them.

Kozerska, who lives outside of Warsaw and uses local wood, writes, “Those rolling pins also work with cakes, pasta, sugar frosting to cover the cake and even dumplings! Even clay if you’re not hungry!

Source: Etsy (h/t: laughingsquid, thisiscolossal)

(Note: Kozerska explains that this pin was created specifically for this photo. The rolling pins she sells are created with mirrored text engravings so that the text would be readable when it is stamped onto the dough)