I make a stop at a first random cafe in an unknown city to me. A stylish girl, whose arms are covered in drawings, takes my order. A bird, a desert, a mountain, sun… My eyes start to explore the surface of her skin, to investigate all the engraved lines, to swim through the fading shadows, until they hit the edge and come back again.

It’s not only the architecture and the cultural life that create the vibe of a city. It’s also its people. Vilnius is an Eastern European city with its unique history, style and people, who shape the image of this city.

Photographers: Vitas Navickas and Mantas Baliukas.

More info: kunasmag.lt

Kornelija Dūdaitė

Age: 25
Education: Master of International Relations
Works at: “Who hit John”
A body is: “…neither a curse, nor a temple. Rather, a trustworthy and close fellow traveller. You shouldn’t ignore him or hate him, but you also shouldn’t grovel to it. As long as I am granted this possibility, my fellow traveller will be as colorful as the world we travel through.”

Mantas Navickas – Ispanas

Age: 28
Education: Hair design, photography
Works at: “Uff”
A body is..: “A material you can work with visually from inside and out. When you show your exterior, you reveal your inner self. This inner self is the most important aspect, for it displays your state of being, your emotions, your point of view and your mood. My mustache shapes my mood, and it makes me smile”.

Laura Mondrytė

Age: 26
Education: Theater studies
Works at: “Gringo Pub”
A body is..: “A tattooed body looks more appealing to me. Even if it’s naked, it does not actually look naked. I don’t give meaning to my tattoos. It’s almost as a piece of clothing. Honestly, it’s much easier for me to get a tattoo than to buy new clothes.”

Milda Metlovaitė

Age: 31
Education: Stylist, costume designer
Works at: “Vyrų skyrius”
A body is…: “…a granted form. To be more accurate, it’s a packaging for the human soul. We live in this packaging as long as we are meant to be living on this earth, and afterwards we just replace our bodies. Even thought it is temporary, we still want to decorate that packaging. Some choose to go to galleries to find something new, but I choose to house art in my own body. Since it’s always with me, it’s no longer only part of my body, but also my soul. When you look at my tattoos, you only see them. But I feel my tattoos. When I look at them, I travel through time and emotions. I feel who I was back then, and how I lived my life. And when this happens, my body fills up with thousands of special moments and people’s faces, and it warms my soul. My body is almost like a map of my life, which only I am able to read.”

Gražvydas Ivaškevičius

Age: 36
Education: Tourism and hotel management
Works at: “Rugged’n’Raw”
A body is…: “A God’s given white canvas, which we fill up in the process of our lives. Some decide to leave it white, just as God has given it to them, and others choose to draw their life story on it. To me, my body represents the stages of my life. It’s the map of my life.”