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16 Portraits Of Nepalese Kids That I Took While Traveling In Nepal
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Photography, Travel8 years ago

16 Portraits Of Nepalese Kids That I Took While Traveling In Nepal

When I came back from my recent trip to Nepal, I found out I had an outstanding collection of portraits of Nepalese kids.

I would like to share them with you.

More info: Instagram


Who said that kids can’t have fun around parked trucks.

Girl Bell-Ringer

After we left monastery, smell of strong incense from shaman’s fire stroke our nostrils and the girl leisurely sitting on the wall rang the bell.

Kiddo Donkey Rider

Show Me How Your Rock’n’Roll

Me to the one little boy: “Say Cheers!” All village kids, that gathered around as a result of my initial interaction: “Poto! Poto! Poto!” Me: “Show me how you rock’ n’roll!” And so they did.


On the route from Kathmandu to mountains we stopped by at small hut by the road occupied by our driver’s acquaintances selling Coca-Cola and masala tea. This guy was sitting on the table.


This little guy will soon become a buddhist monk. He is always in the first row when there is ceremony in his village. Probably because he’s also really fancy of playing praying hand-drum and making noise with praying bell.


Bubble gum

I slowly approached him and his little brother doing what I can not to disturb him from his leisure natural state of standing and leaning against the house wall – and then he blew big bubble.

Saying Hi From Thulo Syabru

Ethereal Skipping Rope

Kiddo Donkey Rider


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