My name is Maggie Sweets and I am a fine art photographer from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Creativity was nurtured in me from childhood by my father who is an accomplished artist. This environment encouraged me to see the world not only how it was, but also how it could be. I learned that art is an important form of communication, spoken in the language of the artist, and interpreted by the people who see it. Through my lens, I have found a way to share the limitless imagination of children; the impossible becomes possible, and fantasy becomes reality.

I have a degree in Social Work and have always enjoyed working with children. As a photographer, I am blessed to bring together two of my greatest passions: children and fine art. I continually seek to develop my skills in the fine art photography genre, connecting with peers and experts across the globe. Like the imagination of children, the technology and techniques are limitless. The results are fantastical masterpieces that puzzle the eye and delight the spirit.

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