A lot of parents love sharing stories of their adolescence with their children. Both mothers and fathers enjoy delving into the memories of the town they grew up in, funny incidents they had at school, some even share how they met their first love. And no matter how nostalgic these stories make the parents feel, they are often quite cringy. So, do children even like listening to them? Well, a lot of them probably do, except for comedian Bryan Callen’s children. They made that very clear in a hilarious video posted by their dad.

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There’s no denying that Bryan Callen is a funny guy and this time he cracked everyone up with a hilarious conversation he had with his kids

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On a road trip with his children, Callen starts telling the most dad-like story about his Utah roots. However, the tale was not well received. His kids seemed to be quite annoyed by his story and shut him down in the most savage way — by simply telling him to shut up.

While Callen tried his best to boast about his heritage, his attempt was not greeted warmly. After exclaiming, “But you have taken on my genes!”, the kids refused to agree and responded by saying: “No, we haven’t! We have Viking blood! And we have Italian blood through grandma!”

The whole ordeal was captured on camera and shared on Callen’s twitter account with the caption, “One day my children will understand the greatness from which they hail”. The hilarious video quickly went viral and has now been seen by over 2.5 million people.

Watch the video below

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