My niece’s and nephew’s favorite game is dressing up. This is a game we’ve been playing for a couple of years now – every time I visit my niece and nephew I dress them up with whatever we can find in the house, and then we play.

Saška is very imaginative, and her younger brother follows her lead. Saška constantly comes up with new ideas for costumes.

Cute Band

They still can’t find a drummer.

Zoro & His Sister Zora, A Bride To Be

Zora is an actual Serbian name. Zoro here is not very sure about his sister’s husband to be because he suspects him to be a villain.

Gipsy Nomads

She danced and danced, and he was bored.

Punk Girl & Metalhead

She’s a metal/ punk fan at heart, he wasn’t really sure what to do

Queen & Ninja

The Queen couldn’t wait to get to hold of those weapons.

Santa Clause & Snow Queen

He brought the gifts to everyone in the family and she brought a white Christmas.

Cat Burglar & Rapper

She really loves cats and he really loves his hats. I think this style suits him.

Cut Off fans

They love watching videos of my husband’s band “Cut Off”

Christmas Tree & Snowman

lots of gifts under that tree, and a snowman walking around the house, since there was no actual snow outside.

Pirate & Witch

You wouldn’t believe the plot of the game afterwards!

Repairman & Ballerina

No, they didn’t play together that time.

Pocahontas & Superman

He couldn’t get it why he had to wear the red underpants. And she wore the costume for days, explaining to whoever would listen to her about the Indians’ love and respect for nature.


They did work out. A lot.

Pippi Longstocking & Soldier

He was supposed to be saving her from the aliens, but the cartoon on tv was more interesting, so she took his weapons and ended up saving herself and the planet.

Boxer & Mother Nature

He doesn’t know who Rocky is. And she spent the day saving the green planet.

Prom Queen & King

it was that time of year, she wanted to be beautiful like her cousin and he just liked his new shirt.