Kaypea Creations makes Art Dolls and I have fallen in love with them so I decided to show more people these posable, one of a kind, handmade wonders. You can buy these on her Etsy. 

More info: Etsy | patreon.com

Lavender Fox Softmount


Poseable Unicorn

Poseable Spring Deer

Bailey the Poseable Bunny

Poseable Arctic Dragon

Poseable Galaxy Dragon

Poseable Galaxy Feline

OC Commision

Poseable Volcano Dragon

Poseable Galaxy Wolf

Poseable Red Fox

Poseable Two-Toed Sloth

Poseable Fennec Fox

Poseable Fantasy Baby Fawn

Poseable Galaxy Stag

Poseable Cerberus

Poseable Midnight Pather

Poseable Toxic Dragon

Poseable Halloween Creature

Daxius, the Guardian Dragon

Daxius ll

Chaos and Order

Poseable Stormbringer

Poseable Cerberus

Poseable Mystic Dragon

Poseable Feathered Dragon

Poseable Baby Ice Fox

Poseable Sunrise Dragon

Poseable Winged Dragon