Artist Natalya Shiryaeva, an architecture designer from Voronezh, Russia, creates bright oil paintings — true juicy jungles on canvas. For Natalya, drawing has been the most favourite hobby since she was a year and a half — her mother recalls flair for impressionism at that age already.

Natalia finds inspiration in warm countries where she lives from time to time, and the jungles by her are breaking into the real world with fresh breeze, enigmatic sounds and bright colors. Here you see all wonders of the tropics: thick vegetation, elephants, mountains, palm trees, fisher boats. Amazing palette is realized in thick rich strokes, they are curving and twisting on the surface tempting one to see them closer.

Natalya Shiryaeva tells: “Painting is everything for me: the Meaning, Path, and Aim. It’s my meditation and comprehension. It is the life itself because drawing means breathing for me, a necessity. This process is magical.”

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