The formality of most state institutions leaves very little room for human things, despite dealing solely with them in the first place. However, every once in a while, a story surfaces of how human it can actually get.

Newly-graduated lawyer and mother Juliana Lamar had her State Bar Oath administered by Judge Dinkins while he was holding her 1-year-old son. Before the swearing, Judge Dinkins himself offered Lamar to hold baby Beckham so that he would get a chance to participate in this special occasion.

An adorable video went viral of a judge holding a student’s 1 Y.O. while administering the state bar oath

Image credits: Juliana Lamar / Sarah Martin

Upon finishing their studies, law students have to seek admission to the bar in the United States in order to practice law in their respective states. State bars function as professional lawyer associations that are generally dedicated to the regulation of the legal profession in their jurisdiction and to serving its members.

Image credits: Juliana Lamar

As Juliana Lamar was about to be admitted to the state bar, Judge Dinkins, a Court of Appeals Judge in Tennessee assigned to administer the oath, offered to hold Lamar’s 1-year-old toddler named Beckham for the entirety of the swearing.

The video went viral almost immediately with baby Beckham practically stealing all the thunder

Image credits: Juliana Lamar

A video of the adorable occasion surfaced on the internet with Judge Dinkins gently bouncing and rocking little Beckham on his right arm as he spoke the oath. As of the moment of this article, the video was viewed over 655,000 times, receiving over 54,000 likes and being retweeted nearly 10,000 times.

Image credits: Juliana Lamar

This was a key moment after Lamar’s graduation from the Belmont University College of Law. During her studies—about a year ago—she gave birth to little Beckham. Despite entering motherhood full on with an emergency C-section, she managed to return to her studies in just a week’s time.

Image credits: Juliana Lamar / Sarah Martin

It was her husband Javon, and the love of her son and mother that kept her going and finishing her studies in the end. Lamar is also thankful to Judge Dinkins for being an inspiration and for providing great support throughout her studies and work as a clerk at the Tennessee Court of Appeals.

Watch the now viral video of the Judge bouncing little Beckham while reading out the oath

Video credits: Juliana Lamar / Sarah Martin

For context, C-sections are considered major surgery and take up to six weeks to heal. Women aren’t allowed to drive or even climb stairs so soon after surgery, which only goes to show how strong and determined Lamar was.

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