When I think: “How did I get where I am now?” I understand that accidents are not accidental.

…I am 5 years old. I like to collect colored glass and beautiful stones. These are my treasures. But real happiness is if I find a glass bead of a broken necklace.

… I am 11 years old. A book about women’s handwork falls into my hands. And in the very last chapter, I see amazing works made of small colored beads.

“Mom, buy me the seed beads!”

… the 1990s. My first seed beads. I stubbornly master the art of bead weaving. Bead-weave – not satisfied – undo, bead-weave – not satisfied – undo…

… Exams, college enrollment … I don’t have enough time for beading, but I am ready to talk about beadwork with everyone who failed to avoid this.

… 2006 My friends tired of listening to my stories and I received a book about beadwork as a gift. Love returned with a new force. We are together again.

… 2010 I am the finalist of the Fashion and Color contest.

…2012 2nd place in the competition of Perlen Poesie magazine.

… 2019 after many years of trial and error, I can call myself a professional designer.

I am well versed in the materials I work with.

I wear beaded jewelry myself. Therefore I, on my own experience, having learned the weaknesses of the quality of the products, know how to prevent and eliminate them at the creation stage.

I know the theory of color. I love and know how to create complex color combinations.

You like to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your individuality, that’s why we met. Accidents are not accidental!

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