Designer Kate Voilova and her husband, based in Kyiv-Ukraine, create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry using elctroforming method -covering things with metal- specifically in their case, copper.

They use real honeycomb, leaves -including mistletoe- and feathers with this method and combine them with other elements to turn them into unique pieces of jewelry. Their creations can be purchased in their Etsy shop, Galvanart.

“For the years passed we learned to do it properly and on quite high level. We are always trying to show the beauty of nature objects, to stop the moment and make it eternal.”, says Kate.

More info:

Real honeycomb pendant

Real maple leaf ring

Real acorn pendant

Real dandelion sculpture

Real honeycomb earrings

Real oak earrings

Real tulip tree necklace

Real willow branch and leaf necklace

Real maple seed earrings

Real mistletoe leaf pendant

Feather necklace

Leaf Necklace