Beginning with a project about the Lai Tu people of Myanmar in 2015, I began documenting the last tribal facial tattoos in Asia. This ongoing project has taken me to three countries so far with two more planned for this year. The goal is to bring these people’s faces and stories together before they disappear. The project and the first book can be seen at I’d love to have you along for the ride!

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Pwae Koune, Lai Tu (Chin), Myanmar

Oaut, Brao, Laos

Win Phat, Lai Tu (Chin), Myanmar

Ipay Harong, Truku, Taiwan

Piteyro Ukah, Truku, Taiwan

Oung, Brao, Laos

Dali Yealo and Sayum Votu, Atayal, Taiwan

Pa Tong, Lai Tu (Chin), Myanmar

Sayum Votu, Atayal, Taiwan