Sometimes it’s hard to even find the energy to want to do something. When thinking of what I wanted to create for my next project it was hard to find the motivation. Until I realized the lack of motivation WAS my motivation.

Minimal Motivation is a series of elegant, slightly dark, dubiously helpful, definitely minimally inspirational prints. I’ve always been a fan of minimalism. The less you have to work with, the more important each and every decision graphically becomes. I find that kind of thing very satisfactory.

These sayings are all variations on the things I’ve said to myself in my head (and occasionally to a few friends) over the years.

It’s worth it to take that leap, keep plugging away at that project, be what you want to be. Things won’t always work out but you’ll be better for making the effort.

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Back Up Plans

Keep Digging

Highly Improbable

Never Be Average

Hang in There