Hello there! I’m Independent Photographer David Tesinsky from Prague and I’ve photographed a day in life of the first Cuban trans star and drag queens.

Before Night Falls – story of the Cuban transformers:

Pabo is a boy who sells the fruits in a poor suburb of Havana in a daytime and turns to a charming dancing lady and a queen of the stage at night.

Natasha and Alina, identify as gay men. Still, both challenge gender stereotypes in their own right, making a second living as drag performers in Havana nightclubs.

Malu is a transgender and is homeless. He occasionally earns money by cleaning the streets of Sancti Spiritus in a day and performing as a beautiful singer and dancer in the night. He was sold by his parents at the age of 3. He was a very first transgender person in Cuba and was arrested several times for dressing as a woman.

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Pabo, left, sells fruits and vegetables during the day (Havana)

Pabo is friendly but prefers to be low profile

At night, Pabo slowly transforms into singer “Natasha,” who performs at a Havana nightclub

Pabo is becoming Natasha with the help of his partner and flatmate

Natasha gets inside a taxi as she’s ready for the show

Natasha backstage with other performers

Natasha shortly before the show

Natasha is very popular

Performer “Alina” holds a photo before their transformation

Alina, left, in a duet with Natasha

Malu, who has endured stints of homelessness, is very popular in the town

Malu earns money by cleaning the entire theater before the show

Malu prepares for the show

Malu performs in a Sancti Spiritus club

Malu, who identifies as transgender, has achieved somewhat of a celebrity status in Cuba