I’ve been into design since I was little, but it’s only now that I’ve developed some ideas into production. I used airline provided earplugs while traveling frequently and then I thought: “How about having my own, reusable, durable earplugs, with good noise insulation, and what about making them funny too?!”

Now I would like to present you with my unique product that has great sound insulating properties, reduces ear pain while landing, is durable and looks great.

More info: laplugs.com

My Shut Up earplugs in my ear while landing

They really help to reduce the ear pain during take offs and landings

Earplugs in their carry can

I always have them when I fly, stored in the aluminum can that they come with.

They are also great when you want to read

Music distracts me when reading so I use my earplugs.

I can’t hear you!

All designs

Some of them are a double design like I CAN’T and HEAR YOU as a pair.